Training. Evaluation. Simplified.

  • Why bother with training evaluation?

    Improve training for future participants.


    In today’s dynamic marketplace, the need for consistent skill up gradation is ever more important. What was an effective training program in the past may not be so now. IMPACTAA allows you to analyse how effective your previous training programs were so you can continuously adapt it to suit your current needs.

    Confirm that you’re getting your training right.


    Improving the training program is one thing, but are you 100% certain that you’re delivering the right training? IMPACTAA enables you to see whether or not you are effectively equipping your staff with the right skills and knowledge to carry out their roles.

    Prove that the training is adding value.


    In increasingly tougher financial times company leaders will want to ensure that all areas of the business are offering value for money. IMPACTAA will help you see the value your training is adding therefore allowing leaders to base budget allocation decisions on real usable data.

  • Measuring Training Impact. Simplified.

    For corporate training professionals who wants to measure ROI from their training programs, IMPACTAA automates the training evaluation process and translates the data into simplified information to help companies figure out the value of their training “investment”.

  • How It Works

    Add subtitle



    Create your IMPACTAA account and customise your templates



    Specify the keyword to use for your program



    During your program, have participants self-register by texting the program keyword


    Collect Data

    IMPACTAA will start the data collection process and automatically send reminders to participants via sms and email



    As an option, IMPACTAA can also automatically send updates to the HR manager on the participants & data collection status 



    Print beautiful and data rich training impact and ROI reports to make better decisions and impress your boss

  • Features

  • Data

    We provide real statistics about how your participants are behaving after the training and how much impact the training has had on related job tasks, allowing you to gain valuable insight into how much each training impacts results.

  • Full report


    Our software compiles and analyzes all the data that was submitted by the participants and makes it available for you at your fingertips. IMPACTAA provides simple and useful info so you can make better training decisions to boost your business.


    Here's an example for a hypothetical team of four members who attended a job related workshop

  • Automated

    IMPACTAA automatically sends evaluation questions via email at pre determined intervals. This allows participants to easily answer evaluation questions right in their inbox anytime, anywhere, on any device.


    Our one-step submission means 9x more participants write and submit training evaluations.

  • Reminders

    Our automated training evaluation requests with algorithim-backed reminders that know exactly how and when to remind your participants to leave their training feedback, so that no participant feedback is left behind.



  • Management involvement

    Our software has the option to include the participants’ (immediate) managers in the evaluation process to monitor and support the participants after their training.

  • Measure

    Our software measures the extent that the change has permeated the organization and whether the training had a positive effect on job performance and productivity.

  • Training impact & ROI

    Using the Impact Formula, our software evaluates Level Three (behavior changes back on the job) and Level Four (ROI) using participant self-assessments and several known data to calculate training impact and ROI, so you can make better business decisions based on real usable data.



  • IMPACTAA is redefining how training professionals measure their training effectiveness.

    The team at IMPACTAA has spent the past decade in the training industry helping with employee learning and development for companies like VOLVO, PETRONAS, and SHELL. We’ve witnessed the effects of ineffective training programs. We understand the challenges that organisations and training providers face when measuring the impact of training on improved organisational performance. We have built a solution that addresses those challenges.

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